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If you are required to register yourself, there is a link provided on the login page where first-time visiting participants can register easily. To do this, click on [REGISTER], and follow these instructions:

· Enter your personal information in the fields. Each field has instructional text beneath them to be used as a guide while registering. Once you’ve entered your information, click [SUBMIT].

· If your program administrator requires approval of your registration before you can begin using Achieva, a message will appear in red indicating this once you have clicked on the submit button. You will receive an email once your registration has been approved.

Please make note of the username and password you used when registering. You will need it for all subsequent logins.


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*identifies required fields. Note: if you have registered before, Do Not register your account again. Contact our Technical Support for assistance @ or use the Forgot Password feature on the Login page. Enter your email address that you supplied in the site and your passcode information will be emailed to you.